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Kalpataru Piping Solutions is a renowned trader of DIN Fasteners, which is stabilized against chromium carbide formation by the addition of titanium. DIN Nuts is a stabilized steel that gives as its prime benefit of an exceptional resistance to intergranular corrosion following exposure to temperatures. DIN Bolts is used in the chromium carbide precipitation range from 800 Deg F to 1500 Deg F (427 Deg C to 816 Deg C). DIN Screws are austenitic stainless steels by means of having superior molybdenum or molybdenum in addition nitrogen content. DIN Washers offers even superior resistance to pitting, crevice corrosion and general corrosion, which are as well available in flat-rolled products. Characteristics of these DIN Hex Head Nuts are described in separate technical data publications available from us. Additionally, to exceptional corrosion resistance and strength features, these DIN Hex Head Bolts as well offers the outstanding fabricability and formability. DIN Hex Head Screws is a molybdenum-bearing austenitic stainless steels that is more resistant to all-purpose corrosion and pitting / crevice corrosion than the conservative chromium-nickel austenitic alloys. DIN Flat Washers as well give stress-to-rupture, tensile strength and higher creep at high temperatures. These DIN Square Nuts contain 3 to 4 % of molybdenum in applications that require improved pitting and wide-ranging corrosion resistance. DIN Square Bolts is the low carbon version and has extremely soaring immunity from sensitization (grain boundary carbide precipitation).

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DIN Fasteners Specification


ASME B18.2.1, B18.3




M 02 to M 160, Custom Sizes


3mm to 200mm

Testing and Documents

Mill Test Certificates, EN 10204 3.1, Chemical Reports, Mechanical Reports, Destructive Test Report, Non Destructive Test Reports, PMI Test Reports, Visual Inspection Reports, Third Party Inspection Reports, NABL Approved Lab Reports


Packed in Wooden Boxes, Bubble wraps, Steel Strips Bundled, or as per Customers Requests

DIN Fasteners Standards

DIN 1-100

DIN 1 - Taper Pins
DIN 7 - Dowel Pins
DIN 84 A - Slotted Cheese Head Machine Screws
DIN 85 A - Slotted Pan Head Machine Screws
DIN 93 - Tab Washers With Long Tab
DIN 94 - Cotter Pins
DIN 95 - Slotted Oval Head Machine Screws
DIN 96 - Slotted Round Head Wood Screws
DIN 97 - Slotted Flat Head Wood Screws

DIN 101-200

DIN 125 A - Flat Washer Without Chamfer
DIN 125 B - Flat Washer With Chamfer
DIN 126 - Grade C Flat Washer Without Chamfer
DIN 127 A - Split Lock Washer With Bend Ends
DIN 127 B - Split Lock Washer With Flat Ends
DIN 128 A - Split Spring Washers, Curved
DIN 128 B - Split Spring Washers, Waved
DIN 137 A - Spring Washer, Curved
DIN 137 B - Spring Washer, Waved
DIN 186 A - Tee-Head Bolts With Square Head
DIN 188 - Tee-Head Bolts With Double Nip
DIN 193
DIN 196

DIN 301-400

DIN 315 - Wing Nuts
DIN 316 - Wing Screws

DIN 401-500

DIN 404 - Slotted Drilled Fillister Head Screws
DIN 417 - Slotted set screws with full dog point
DIN 427 - Slotted Headless Screws
DIN 431 - Jam Nut, Hexagonal
DIN 432 - External Tab Washer
DIN 433 - Flat Washer With Reduced O.D.
DIN 434 - Square Bevel Washer: 8%
DIN 435 - Square Bevel Washer: 14%
DIN 436 - Square Washer
DIN 438 - Slotted set screws with cup point
DIN 439 A - Hexagon Nuts - 0,5d Unchamfered
DIN 439 B - Hexagon Nuts - 0,5d Chamfered
DIN 444 A - Eye Bolts
DIN 462 - Internal Tab Washers
DIN 463 - Tab Washers With Long And Short Tab
DIN 464 - Knurled Thumb Screws
DIN 466 - Knurled Nuts, Full
DIN 467 - Flat Knurled Nuts
DIN 470 - Sealing Washers
DIN 471 - External Retaining Rings
DIN 472 - Internal Retaining Rings
DIN 478 - Square Head Bolts
DIN 479 - Square Head Bolts
DIN 480 - Square Head Bolts

DIN 501-600

DIN 525 - Weld Studs With Hexagon Nuts
DIN 529 A - Anchor Bolts (Stone Bolt)
DIN 529 B - Anchor Bolts (Stone Bolt)
DIN 529 C - Masonry Bolts With Hexagon Nuts
DIN 529 D - Anchor Bolts (Stone Bolt)
DIN 529 E - Foundation Bolts With Hexagon Nuts
DIN 529 F - Anchor Bolts (Stone Bolt)
DIN 529 G Bolt
Din 546 - Slotted Round Nut
DIN 547 - Round nuts with drilled holes in one face
DIN 548 - Round nuts with set pin holes in side
DIN 551 - Slotted Set Screws With Flat Point
DIN 553 - Slotted Set Screws With Cone Point
DIN 555 - Hexagon Nuts - 0,8d
DIN 557 - Square Nuts
DIN 558 - Fully Threaded Maching Bolts
DIN 562 - Square Thin Nuts
DIN 571 - Hexagon Lag Screws
DIN 580 - Lifting Eye Bolts
DIN 582 - Lifting Eye Nuts

DIN 601-700

DIN 601- Hexagon head bolt with nut
DIN 603 - Carriage Bolts With Hexagon Nuts
DIN 604 - Flat Countersunk Nip Bolts With Hex Nuts
DIN 605 - Flat Countersunk Square Neck Bolts
DIN 607 - Round Head Nip Bolts With Nuts
DIN 608 - Countersunk Square Bolts (Short Neck)
DIN 609 - Hex Fitting Bolts w/long Threaded Portion
DIN 610 - Hex fitting Bolts w/short Threaded Portion
DIN 653 - Flat Knurled Thumb Screws
DIN 660 - Round Head Rivets
DIN 661 - Countersunk Head Rivets

DIN 701-800

DIN 705 A - Shaft Collars

DIN 801-900

DIN 835 Fo - Studs, Tap Ends - 2d


DIN 906 - Hexagon Socket Pipe Plugs
DIN 908 - Hexagon Socket Screw Plugs
DIN 910 - Hexagon Head Screw Plugs
DIN 911 - Hexagon Socket Screw Keys
DIN 912 - Socket Head Cap Screws
DIN 913 - Socket Set Screws With Flat Point
DIN 914 - Socket Set Screws With Cone Point
DIN 915 - Socket Set Screws With Dog Point
DIN 916 - Socket Set Screws With Cup Point
DIN 917 - Hexagon Cup Nuts - Low Pattern
DIN 920 - Slotted Pan Head Screws, Small Head
DIN 921 - Slotted pan head screws with large head
DIN 923 - Slotted Pan Head Screws With Shoulder
DIN 927 - Slotted Shoulder Screws
DIN 928 - Square Weld Nuts
DIN 929 - Hexagon Weld Nuts
DIN 931 - Hexagon Cap Screws Partially Threaded
DIN 933 - Hexagon Cap Screws Fully Threaded
DIN 933 Sz - Hexagon Cap Screws With Slot
DIN 934 - Hexagon Nuts - 0,8d
DIN 935 - Castle Nuts
DIN 936 - Hexagon Jam Nuts
DIN 937 - Hexagon Thin Slotted And Castle Nuts
DIN 938 - Studs - Metal end ≈ 1 d.htm
DIN 939 - Studs, Tap End - 1,25d
DIN 960 - Hex Cap Screws, Metric Fine Thread - Part Thread
DIN 961 - Hex Cap Screws, Metric Fine Thread - Full Thread
DIN 963 A- Slotted Flat Head Machine Screws
DIN 964 A- Slotted Oval Head Machine Screws
DIN 965 A - Cross Recessed Flat Head Machine Screws
DIN 966 A - Cross Recessed Oval Head Machine Screws
DIN 980 V - Self-Locking Nuts; All Metal Conctruction
DIN 982 - Self- Locking Nuts w/nylon Insert: Heavy Series
DIN 985 - Self Locking Nuts w/locking Insert: Standard Series
DIN 986 - Self Locking Domed Cap Nuts With Nylon Insert
DIN 988 - Shim Washers

DIN 1001-2000

DIN 1052
DIN 1440 - Flat Washers With Clevis Pins, Medium
DIN 1441 - Flat Washers For Clevis Pins, Coarse
DIN 1473 - Grooved Pins Full Length Paralled Grooved
DIN 1475 - Grooved Pins Third Length Center Grooved
DIN 1476 - Round Head Grooved Pins
DIN 1477 - Flat Countersunk Head Grooved Pins
DIN 1480 - Turnbuckles
DIN 1481 - Spring Ppins, Heavy Duty
DIN 1587 - Hexagon Domed Cap Nuts, Full Pattern
DIN 1804 w - Slotted Round Nuts

DIN 2001-3000

DIN 2093 A,B,C - Dics Springs (Belleville Type)
DIN 2338 - Parallel Pin
DIN 2339
DIN 2509 - Double end studs
DIN 2510

DIN 3001-3999

DIN 3570 - U Bows U Bolts

DIN 6001-7000

DIN 6319 - C D G Spherical washers and conical seats
DIN 6325 - Parallel Pins Hardened
DIN 6332 - Grub screws with thrust point
DIN 6334 - Hexagon Nuts - 3d
DIN 6796 - Conical Spring Washers (Belleville Type)
DIN 6797 A+J - Internal/External Tooth Lock Washers
DIN 6797 AZ - Tooth Lock Washers (Type AZ)
DIN 6798 A+J - Serrated Lock Washers
DIN 6798 AZV - Serrated Lock Washers (type AZV)
DIN 6798 V - 90degree Countersunk Serrated Lock Washers
DIN 6799 - Circlips For Shafts
DIN 6885 A - Parallel Keys, Round Ended
DIN 6885 B - Parallel Keys, Square Ended
DIN 6911 - Hexagon Socket Screw Keys With Pilot
DIN 6912 - Low Head Socket Cap Screws With Pilot
DIN 6914 - Hex Bolts For High Strength Struct. Bolting
DIN 6915 - Hex Nuts For High Strength Struc. Bolting
DIN 6916 - Washers For High Strength Structural Bolting
DIN 6917 - Square taper washer for -sections 14%
DIN 6918 - Square taper washer for U-sections
DIN 6921 - Hex Flange Bolts
DIN EN 1665 Hexagon bolts with flange - heavy series(Replace DIN 6922)
DIN 6923 - Hexagonal Flange Nuts
DIN 6924 Prevailing torque type hexagon nut with nylon insert ISO 7040
DIN 6925 - Prevailing torque type hexagon nut all metal
DIN 6926 - Self-Locking Hex Flange Nuts: Non Metallic Insert
DIN EN 1663 - Prevailing torque type hexagon nuts with flange with non-metallic insert

DIN 7001-8000

DIN 7338 - Rivets for brake linings and clutch linings
DIN 7343 - Coiled Pins, Medium Duty
DIN 7349 - Flat Washers With Large Ext. Diameter
DIN 7500AE - Slotted cheese head thread rolling screws
DIN 7500BE - Slotted pan head thread rolling screws
DIN 7500C - Metric pan head triangle lock screws
DIN 7500CE - Cross recessed pan head thread rolling screws
DIN 7500DE - Hexagon head thread rolling screws
DIN 7500E - Socket hexagon cheese head thread rolling screws
DIN 7500KE - Slotted rasied countersunk thread rolling screws
DIN 7500LE - Slotted rasied countersunk thread rolling screws
DIN 7500ME - Cross recessed countersunk head thread rolling screws
DIN 7500NE - Cross recessed raised countersunk head thread rolling screws
DIN 7500OE - Hexalobular socket cheese head thread rolling screws
DIN 7500PE - Hexalobular socket pan head thread rolling screws
DIN 7500QE - Hexalobular socket raised countersunk head thread rolling screws
DIN 7504 - N P K head self drilling screws
DIN 7968 - Hexagon fit bolts with hexagon nut for steel structures
DIN 7969 - Slotted countersunk head bolts with hexagon nut for steel structures
DIN 7970 - Tapping screw threads
DIN 7978 A - Taper PIns With Internal Thread
DIN 7979 D - Dowel Pins With Internal Thread
DIN 7980 - Hi-Collar Lock Washers
DIN 7981 B(BZ) - Cross Recessed Pan Head Tapping Screws
DIN 7982 B - Cross Rec. Flat hd Tapping Screws, hd Angle 80
DIN 7983 B - Cross Rec. Oval hd Tapping Screw, hd Angle 80
DIN 7984 - Socket Low Head Cap Screws
DIN 7985 A - Cross Recessed Pan Head Machine Screws
DIN 7985 Z1 - Cr. Rec. Pan Head Screws w/captive Flt. Washer
DIN 7985 Z4 - Cr. Rec. Pan Head Screws w/captive l/washer
DIN 7989 A - Washers For Steel Constructions
DIN 7991 - Flat Socket Head Cap Screws
DIN 7997 - Cross recessed countersunk head wood screws
DIN 7998 - Threads and Thread Ends for Wood Screws

DIN 9001-9999

DIN 9021
DIN 9250 Safety lock serrate washer
DIN EN 22339 - Unhardened Taper Pins (Replace DIN 1)

Types of DIN Fasteners

DIN Nuts

DIN Nuts

DIN Bolts

DIN Bolts

DIN Screws

DIN Screws

DIN Washers

DIN Washers

DIN Stud Bolts

DIN Stud Bolts

DIN Anchor Bolts

DIN Anchor Bolts

DIN Threaded Rod

DIN Threaded Rod

DIN Stud

DIN Stud

DIN Fasteners Price List

We offer wide range of industrial DIN Fasteners that in compliance with IS, BS and DIN standards at best market prices in India. To know more about the latest price of DIN Fasteners Please Call +91 22-66337137 or Send an Email to info@flangesbolts.com

Other Types of DIN Fasteners

DIN Fastener
DIN Bolts
DIN Full Threaded Bolt
DIN Stud Bolts
DIN Hex Nuts
DIN Washer Stockist
DIN Screw Supplier
DIN Wing Nut
DIN Lock Washer
DIN Half Threaded Bolt
DIN Machine Bolt
DIN Anchor Bolt
DIN Hex Head Screw Exporter
DIN Nuts Specification

DIN Socket Head Cap Screw
DIN Castle Nuts
DIN Spring Washer
DIN Socket Set Screws
DIN Hex Head Bolt Manufacturer
DIN Fender Washer Distributor
DIN Dome Washer
DIN Industrial Fastener Price
DIN Square Nuts
DIN Plain Washer
DIN Stud
DIN Hexagonal Washer
DIN Bolts Dealer
DIN Machine Screw

DIN Fasteners Application Area

Our products range of DIN Fasteners find application in various areas such as: Petro-Chemical Industries, Ship Building Industries, Heavy Engineering Industries, Fertilizer Plants, power Generation Units ( Nuclear, Hydro or Thermal), Civil Industries, Oil Expansion Projects, Off Shore & On Shore Oil Towers, Valves, Vessels, Pumps, Railways, Steel Plants, Civil Construction Industries, Home Fittings etc.